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April 19, 2009

Supreme Court Statistics So Far This Term

Supreme Court I love these statistics from the Scotus.com website.  All kinds of tidbits.  Of the eight 9th Cir cases the Supremes have decided this term, seven have been reversals and one affirmed "in part."  The Supreme Court has reversed 82% of the cases they have ruled on this term.  48% of the opinions were unanimous - 20% were 5-4.  Of the non-unanimous opinions, Roberts and Stevens disagreed 82% of the time, Scalia and Stevens disagreed 86% of the time.  The justices most in agreement with each other?  Roberts and Scalia and Roberts and Alito disagreed only 14% of the time.  Ginsberg and Souter disagreed only 14% of the time.  Of the 36 majority opinions written this term, Kennedy has written two - that's six and a half months!      

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