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March 18, 2009

Speaking of a Trillion; and by the way, GO ZAGS


So its not bankruptcy.  I had a long day today.   

I laughed myself sick at lunch today reading the Daily News article by Thomas Hoffarth.  He points out that no 16th seed in the NCAA Tournament has ever beaten a first seed going 96-0 and only 11 times has the 16th even come within 10 points in the game with the first.  The 15th seed has only beaten the 2nd seed 4 times going 92-4, the last time being in 2001.  "Perhaps that's why oddsmaker Danny Sheridan has set the odds of 16th seed Alabama State winning the tournament at a trillion to one."  The odds on East Tenneasse winning is a septillion to one.  I'll lay a dollar on that.  I don't think there is a septillion dollars in the universe. 

My alma mater, Gonzaga, is going to do it this year. All the way to the final four.  I'm not sure if they post odds for that.   

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