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February 12, 2009

Harvard Dean Elena Kagen to be Solicitor General

Kagan_cv The confirmation hearings of Elena Kagen for Solicitor General have begun on Capitol Hill.  From the Solicitor General's website: 

The original Statutory Authorization Act of June 22, 1870, states, "There shall be in the Department of Justice an officer learned in the law, to assist the Attorney General in the performance of his duties to be called the Solicitor General." The Office of the Solicitor General is tasked to conduct all litigation on behalf of the United States in the Supreme Court, and to supervise the handling of litigation in the federal appellate courts. The general functions of the Office can be found at 28 CFR 0.20.

The Solicitor General's budget request in FY 2008 was about $10 million.  It has about 50 employees including about 22 attorneys.  The budget request can be accessed here. 

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