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January 17, 2009

15 Years Since the Northridge Earthquake

Yep, 4:37am, 15 years ago today.  My home was and is about 5 blocks from the apartment in Northridge that collapsed.  The big one started out as the big one - no build up, warning.  I thought hell was here.  The violence and deafening noise was incalculable for about 10 seconds - then it became just a big earthquake for about 40 more seconds.  Everything in my home that could break broke.  My family and I made it through it fine, our neighbors got a lot closer over the next few days.  Our power came on before our friends across the street so we ran a big extension cord to their home to give them power.  We cooked for a few days as a community on someone's barbecue.  Makes you think.  JH

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