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December 11, 2008

Bankruptcy Filing Statistics for the Central District of California

It looks like we will have about 65,000 filings (about 3,200 for each of the 20 judges here) in the calendar year 2008 compared to 34,000 last year.  You can access the statistics here.  What surprises me is that the 2008 filings are higher than 2004.  As I have posted earlier, total filings in the country are still about one-third less than total filings in 2004. 

There were 724 chapter 11 filings in the whole district through early December, 2008.  It seems that Delaware gets that many every week and for seven judges. 

There was a funny comment on the Credit Slips blog.  Someone asked how many filings were expected for 2009 and someone answered "about 1.2 million unless Congress permits adjustment of home mortgages, then about 2.5 million." 

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