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July 10, 2008

Thomas Mesereau-Ephriam-Villaraigosa Free Legal Clinic

Hello Fellow Alums

I am a 2003 UWLA graduate and the legal coordinator for the Thomas Mesereau-Ephriam-Villaraigosa Free Legal Clinic.

I am extending to all students and alum the opportunity to come out and share your legal expertise, brush up on client intake or for students to obtain the opportunity to interview clients in all areas of law.  As most may know, Thomas Mesereau was Michael Jackson and Robert Blake's attorney, Ms Ephriam was Divorce court judge and Villaraigosa is the mayor of LA. Tom spends most of his time at this clinic and is always eager to share his knowledge with students and attorneys willing to assist in the clinic.

Our clinic offers seminars and discussions on various legal and relevant topics. For instance, August 30th we will have UWLA Professor Tiggs conducting a BK workshop, August 2nd will be a discussion on Juvenile issues, August 16th will be BASTA Inc discussing Tenants Advocacy and Rights.  In September we will have Immigration Law & Drug Court Judge Ellen DeShazer.

We also have started a new program: Criminal Record Cleaning: Expungement, where we assist those needing to clear their criminal record in order to get jobs and become a productive citizen.  We will have a FREE special training on July 19th at a sister location so you will have to contact me directly through the website if you are interested in participating, just say that you are a UWLA student or Alum.

Later in the year we will begin a full-fledge mediation program that we have partnered with the City Attorney's office, again if you are interested in this program you will need to be a participant of the clinic to obtain the FREE training.

So why don't you check out our website at www.mevfreelegalclinic.com which will have our various clinic dates and feel free to email me through the clinic.

If you are available come on out this Saturday July 12th otherwise we will be open again on the 26th.

Again, I invite each of you to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Best to All

Sophia Harris, J.D.
Class of 2003

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