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March 6, 2008

Sharper Image Gift Coupons and Store Closings

There have been news reports, including an article in the LA Times yesterday, that Sharper Image will no longer honor its prepetition gift and merchandise certificates.  The company actually asked the court, as one of its first day motions, to allow it to continue to honor those certificates and the UST objected.  The objection was actually well taken since there was no showing of how much was out there, i.e., the effect of the order on the other creditors.  Sharper Image has modified the request to provide that customers can use the certificates as long as they buy something worth twice as much as the certificate.  If the customer buys something for $100, he can use his $50 or less certificate.  This still has to be approved by the Bankruptcy Court.   

Sharper Image has also asked the court for "procedures orders" permitting it to close 96 of its stores and auction the inventory to the extent the inventory is not sold at the closing sales.  The motion lists the stores to be closed on "Exhibit 'A.'"  Exhibit A in turn states, "to be completed later." 

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Hi,I would like to know the locations closing . Iam interested in buying a large quantity of products. Please send me the addresses of the stores with phone numbers. Thanks MIR

Posted by: mir | May 26, 2008 5:32:42 PM

Don't be misled by this alert. While it's true that many U.S. companies are feeling the effects of the economic downturn and some will no doubt close locations and/or file for bankruptcy in the coming months, most of the store closures listed above had either already taken place or were planned well before the 2008 financial crisis occurred. It seems there are lots of stores that are closing due to the "recession" and the fact that people are not shopping. If you have any "gift cards" from these stores, make sure you use them, or you will lose them ! Which means that in all but a few cases, fears that gift cards issued by these companies may suddenly become worthless are unwarranted or premature.IVA bankruptcy

Posted by: aryan | Jan 1, 2011 3:16:54 AM

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