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March 29, 2008

Section 722 Redemption Lenders

Getting a chance to listen to Judge Keith Lundin, Chapter 13 expert extraordinaire from the Middle District of Tennessee, is worth the price of admission by itself to the Norton Institute Program in Las Vegas.  My view of these programs is that if I learn a few things, the price and time was worth it. 

Today I learned that there are "Section 722 Redemption Lenders" who will loan a debtor the amount needed to redeem a vehicle from a secured lender.  I found one quickly on the internet and I intend to try it next week.  Apparently the cost is $600 and the interest rate is reasonable.  Someone today mentioned that some of the auto finance companies are fighting these obviously wanting the debtor to reaffirm the entire debt.  So the debtor will need to factor in the additional attorneys fees to get the lender to take the "fair market value" in lieu of a reaffirmation.      

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