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September 25, 2007

Good Morning and Welcome

Hi.  I'm Jon Hayes, Senior Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of West Los Angeles.  I have taught Bankruptcy many times over about 20 years.  This semester I am teaching Business Organizations.  I have also taught, at various times, the Uniform Commercial Code (about 30 times), Advanced Bankruptcy Issues, Income Taxes, Contracts and Civil Procedure (once).

I am honored to be given the task of editing this Blog.  My interests include the world of bankruptcy and writing and teaching at the law school level.  While my practice is largely small business chapter 11s and litigation, I also file a few chapter 7 cases each year.  I am a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) and the Central District Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Association (cdcbaa) which obviously concentrate on the consumer field.  I am also a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association Bankruptcy Committee which tends to focus on chapter 11s and more advanced corporate bankruptcy issues.

As a hobby, I have been briefing every Ninth Circuit published case for the past few years.  Lately I have been adding other circuit cases at the BAP level which deal with issues arising from the mess known as BAPCPA.  I will include these briefs in this blog as they come out – an average of about four to five new opinions per month.  I am going to add to that all of the published opinions for the other circuits as well for this blog. 

I am also working on a book, the first incarnation of which will consist of a brief of every Supreme Court opinion ever written on bankruptcy issues.  I have 88 cases so far and hope to have every case, probably a few hundred in all, in the next year or two.  I will include those briefs as I finish them as well.  I mostly stay away from individual judge published opinions as there are simply too many and they tend to be terribly fact specific and are, of course, mandatory only in the particular courtroom occupied by the author.   

Anyway, I’ll get started tomorrow.  Drop me an email if you have any comments or issues for discussion.            

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