Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring 2014 Issue of IALP

The Volume 13, Spring 2014 issue of the International Aviation Law Institutes's journal, Issues in Aviation Law and Policy (IALP), will be available next week. The following articles will appear in the issue:

  • Bruce L. Ottley, Airline Immunity for Reporting Suspicious Activities Under the Aviation and Transportation Security Act: Air Wisconsin Corp. v. Hoeper
  • Gregory O. Principato, Trouble on the Tarmac: Redirecting U.S. Aviation Policy to Promote Economic Growth
  • Vincent Correia, Air Passengers' Rights, "Extraordinary Circumstances," and General Principles of EU Law: Some Comments After the McDonagh Case
  • Wouter Oude Alink, The Regulation of Registered Traveler Programs
  • Mark Ells, Unmanned State Aircraft and the Exercise of Due Regard
  • Gabriel D. Kaim & Nicholas A. Morrow, Examining the Standard of Care for Failure to Divert During In-Flight Emergencies
  • Eric Johnson, Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: The Illusory "Option" of Montreal Convention Article 33(1) in West Caribbean Airways
  • Moses George, The User Development Fee (UDF) in Indian Airports - Legal and Regulatory Issues

Blog readers interested in subscribing to IALP, ordering back issues, or perusing a list of published articles may do so at the Institutes's website here.

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