Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Link Roundup

In case you've missed anything, here are the top aviation policy developments from the past few days:

  • Following Qatar's abandoned effort to seize ICAO hosting responsibilities from Canada, ICAO formally committed to keeping its headquarters in Montreal through 2036.
  • India is preparing new rules that will allow pilots to nap on longer flights.
  • IATA plans to present an industry-supported proposal for aviation emissions reduction at next week's World Air Transport Summit.
  • Ryanair, having been thwarted in repeated attempts to acquire control of Aer Lingus, may now be forced to sell its minority stake following a ruling by the UK Competition Commission.  
  • Heathrow officials are planning a variety of measures to combat airport noise, including publishing rankings of the noisiest operators, increasing noise-related fines, making changes to operating procedures and adjusting the level of noise compensation for nearby residents. It is hoped that these noise mitigation efforts will help win support for the construction of a third runway.


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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spring 2013 Issue of IALP Available

The Volume 12, Spring 2013 issue of the International Aviation Law Institutes's journal, Issues in Aviation Law and Policy (IALP), will be available next week. The following articles will appear in the issue:

  • Jeremias Prassl, The European Union and the Montreal Convention: A New Analytical Framework 
  • Charlotte Thijssen, The Montreal Convention, EU Regulation 261/2004, and the Sturgeon Doctrine: How to Reconcile the Three?
  • Zhyldyz Tegizbekova, Legal Analysis of Current National Air Law of the Kyrgyz Republic: Loopholes and Perspectives of Liberalization of the Air Market
  • Jeremy Straub, John Nordlie and Ernest Anderson, A Need for Operating Standards in the Academic and Research High Altitude Balloon Community 
  • Miglena Rahova, Remedies in Merger Cases in the Aviation Sector: Developments in the European Commission's Approach 
  • Thomas Robert Wangard, Solve the Problem with Non-Citizen Trusts: Do Away with Citizenship Requirements for Aircraft Registration in the United States
  • Jose Ignacio Garcia-Arboleda, Airport Slot Regulation in Latin America: Between Building the Fortress and Protecting the Newcomers
  • Jason P. Brown, Storm Brewing: How Rejections by Foreign Courts of Forum Non Conveniens Dismissals by U.S. Courts May Disrupt International Efforts to Achieve Uniformity and Predictability in Jurisdictional Rules 

Blog readers interested in subscribing to IALP, ordering back issues, or perusing a list of published articles may do so at the Institutes's website here.

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