Wednesday, January 11, 2012

India Encouraging Carriers Not to Comply with EU ETS

India, like China, has asked its carriers not to cooperate with EU officials in the collection of emissions data required by the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). See India Protests EU Airline Emissions Tax, UPI, Jan. 11, 2012 (available here). One new twist to India's opposition, as contrasted with that of China or the U.S., is that Indian Environment Minister Jayanthi Natarajan, in a letter to EU Commissioner for Climate and Energy Connie Hedegaard, threatened that continued application of the ETS to non-EU carriers could negatively affect future climate change negotiations. Viewed in combination with threats by China to cancel purchases from Airbus and threats from the U.S. to issue retaliatory charges against EU carriers, ETS opponents appear willing to probe any conceivable EU pressure point that might give them the upper hand in this dispute.

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