Thursday, September 15, 2011

European Court Finds for British Pilots

Earlier today the European Court of Justice ruled that British Airways must calculate holiday pay for pilots according to the pilots' overall earnings as opposed to their base pay. See UK Pilots Claim 'Victory' Over BA on Holiday Pay, BBC, Sept. 15, 2011 (available here). The European Civil Aviation (Working Time) Regulations require that employees receive at least four weeks of paid leave per year, at issue was how that paid leave was to be calculated. The British Airlines Pilots' Association (BALPA) brought the suit claiming that the rate at which holiday pay was being calculated did not reflect the pilots' true compensation, and the Court apparently agreed. Now that the European Court of Justice has come down in favor of the pilots, the case returns to the UK Supreme Court for a final ruling. Similar claims against other British carriers such as EasyJet and Virgin Atlantic have been on hold awaiting the outcome of this case. Blog readers interested in reading the Court of Justice's opinion can do so here.

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