Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Issue of IALP

The Spring 2011 issue of the International Aviation Law Institute's flagship publication, Issues in Aviation Law and Policy, has gone to press and will soon be available to subscribers or those interested in purchasing individual issues.  The following papers will appear in the issue:

  • Hon. Gerald L. Baliles, Commentary, Time Flies: Observations about the Decade Past, and a Look Toward the Future
  • Matt Andersson, Commentary, The Impact of Policy on Global Aircraft Manufacturing and Development
  • P. Paul Fitzgerald, Europe's Emissions Trading System: Questioning its Raison d’Etre
  • David E. Rapoport & Michael L. Teich, The Erosion of Secrecy in Air Disaster Litigation
  • James L. Devall, The U.S. and EU Approaches to Global Airline Alliances: Cooperation or Conflict
  • Allan I. Mendelsohn, Foreign Plaintiffs, Forum Non Conveniens, and the 1999 Montreal Convention
  • Steven H. Resnicoff, Shooting Down Suicide Airplanes--What's Law Got to Do With It?
  • Douglas M. Marshall, Civil, Public, or State Aircraft? The FAA's Regulatory Authority Over Government Operations of Remotely Piloted Aircraft in U.S. National Airspace
  • Isaku Shibata, Airfield Management of High-Density Airports in Metropolitan Areas--A Study of Narita International Airport
  • Stuart A. Hindman, Full-Body Scanners: TSA's New "Optional" System for Airport Searches

Readers interested in learning more about the journal, including subscription information, can do so through the Institute's website here.

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