Friday, December 4, 2009

Productivity Growth in Canadian and U.S. Regulated Industries

While a comparative analysis of U.S. and Canadian aviation sectors makes up only one part of the paper, Wulong Gu and Amelie Lafrance's Productivity Growth in Canadian and U.S. Regulated Industries (Canadian Productivity Review Research Paper No. 20, Nov. 26, 2008) (available from SSRN here), contains some insightful crossborder air transport analysis.  From the abstract:

This paper compares the productivity growth of a set of Canadian and U.S. regulated industries. Using data from Statistics Canada’s KLEMS database and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the paper examines productivity growth in transportation services (which includes air and rail), broadcasting and telecommunications, and financial services (which includes financial intermediation and insurance), over the period from 1977 to 2003. The majority of these provide the foundational networks on which other industries rely. These sectors were quite heavily regulated in Canada at the beginning of the period of study (1977), experienced partial deregulation during the period and still faced various types of regulation at the end (2003). Deregulation also occurred in the United States, but regulation has generally been less restrictive there over most of the period.

The evidence shows that many of the Canadian industries that underwent deregulation experienced faster labour productivity growth and multifactor productivity growth than did the aggregate Canadian business sector and had similar or higher productivity growth than did their counterparts in the United States over the 1977-to-2003 period. Those industries include rail transportation, broadcasting and telecommunications, financial intermediation and insurance carriers. The airline industry had slower productivity growth in Canada than in the United States over the 1977 to 2003 period.

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