Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Flying the Union Skies

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent op-ed piece on the AFL-CIO attempting to strong-arm the Obama Administration into twisting the terms of the Railway Labor Act to ease unionization of Delta Air Lines, JetBlue, Continental, and FedEx.  See Flying the Union Skies, Wall St. J., Oct. 7, 2009 (available here).  From the piece:

No trucks from Mexico, no new trade agreements, a sweet deal for the United Auto Workers at GM and Chrysler, tariffs on Chinese tires, and now Big Labor has another demand of the Obama Administration: Overturn 75 years of labor policy to sandbag Delta Airlines and unionize transportation workers. Will it get that too?

The latest looming political favor features the National Mediation Board, the federal agency established in 1934 under the Railway Labor Act to oversee labor relations in the air and rail industries. A department of the AFL-CIO last month sent a letter demanding that the board tear up longstanding rules requiring that a majority of all airline or rail workers vote in favor of union representation to win.

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