Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Some Day They'll Get It Right

Daily Airline Filings, the single best source of U.S. airline regulatory information, has called attention to a brief story in the Washington Post on problems concerning the overhaul of the Government's own regulatory depository, Regulations.govSee Al Kamen, Red Tape, Now With More Clickiness!, Wash. Post., July 31, 2009 (available here).  According to the story:

Transportation Department officials responsible for air carrier licensing sent an e-mail Monday to a group of frequently appearing aviation attorneys, advising them to send in a copy of anything filed on the Web site. There's even some chatter that a courtesy copy might be needed in order to ensure that your comments are read.

"The FDMS [Federal Document Management System] web site has been redesigned and is even more difficult to use," said the e-mail Monday from Esta Rosenberg, chief of the U.S. Air Carrier Licensing Divisions in the Office of International Aviation. "Please send George Wellington or me a courtesy copy of anything you file in the system."



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