Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ground Handling Services at European Hub Airports

For those interested in the liberalized groundhandling services market in the European Union, Stephan Schmidberger et al.'s Ground Handling Services at European Hub Airports: Development of a Performance Measurment System for Benchmarking, 117 Int'l J. Production Econ. 104 (2008), may be of interest.  The abstract reads:

The liberalization of ground handling in Europe forces airports to assess their performance relative to their competitors in order to remain competitive and sustain long-term competitive advantage. Together with main EU hub airports, action research was conducted for one year to develop a holistic performance measurement system (PMS) for ramp services. The resulting PMS entails a process-based perspective and reflects the supply chain of airport logistics. As the findings of an ex-post validation suggest, the system represents a suitable basis for competitive benchmarking activities.

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