Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Alliances and Antitrust Immunity: A Brief Reading List

In light of the recent news concerning the Justice Department's strong opposition to the expanded Star Alliance receiving broad approval and antitrust immunity, blog readers may be interested in consulting the following articles on airline alliances and the Department of Transportation's immunization powers:

  • Patricia M. Barlow, Aviation Antitrust--International Considerations After Sunset, 12 Air L. 68 (1987);
  • Jerry L. Beane, The Antitrust Implications of Airline Deregulation, 45 J. Air L. & Com. 1001 (1980);
  • Jan K. Brueckner, International Airfares in the Age of Alliances: The Effects of Codesharing and Antitrust Immunity, 85 Rev. Econ. & Stat. 105 (2003);
  • Darren Bush, Mission Creep: Antitrust Exemptions and Immunitied as Applied to Deregulated Industries, 3 Utah L. Rev. 761 (2006);
  • James L. Devall, American Airlines/British Airways: An Alliance That Was Not Meant to Be?, [2001-04 Transfer Binder] Issues Aviation L. & Pol'y ¶ 10,101, at 4151 (2002);

  • Brian F. Havel & Andrew C. Eastmond, The Path to Open Skies: Transcending Global Alliances, [2001-04 Transfer Binder] Issues Aviation L. & Pol'y ¶ 25,051, at 13,101 (2002);

  • Rutger Jan toe Laer, Kick-Starting Cross-Border Alliances: Approval and Clearance; The Past, Present, and the Future, 32 Air & Space L. 287 (2007);
  • Michael E. Levine, Commentary, Airline Alliances and Systems Competition: Antitrust Policy Toward Airlines and the Department of Justice Guidelines, 45 Houston L. Rev. 333 (2008);
  • James Reitzes & Diana Moss, Airline Alliances and Systems Competition, 45 Houston L. Rev. 293 (2008); and
  • W. Tom Whalen, A Panel Data Analysis of Code-Sharing, Antitrust Immunity, and Open Skies Treaties in International Aviation Markets, 30 Rev. Indus. Org. 39 (2007).

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I saw you mentioned an article on Aviation Antitrust that I authored many years ago. I did actually publish a book entitled "Aviation Antitrust". it was published by Kluwer around 1987.
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