Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More on the EU/Canada Aviation Agreement

Until the text of the newly-initialed EU/Canada Air Transport Agreement is posted online, readers may be interested in some of the less-than-boisterous feedback the agreement is already receiving in the press.  As any schoolboy who has ready his Aristotle knows, potentiality is not actuality.  A bleak economy and the protectionist sentiments it is expected to generate may have the final say.

"Canada-EU Open Skies Deal Under a Dark Cloud" from the Star notes that "industry observers warn that a slumping global economy will prevent airlines from taking full advantage of the new freedoms in the near term."

"Rules Relaxed, But Will It Open Up the Skies?" from the Globe and Mail reports that "industry analysts agreed that the deal sounds fine on paper but cautioned that, in reality, most airlines are scaling back and not adding overseas routes, citing weakened travel demand. The world's airline industry remains protectionist, and allowing full-fledged competition within Canada isn't in the cards, analysts say."

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