Thursday, July 5, 2007

Backlash From EU Blacklist Decision and Deutsche Post/Astar In The News

Angola Pulls BA Operating Permit

Following the European Commission's decision to put TAAG Angola Airlines on the EU's blacklist, the Angolan government decided to pull British Airways' permit to operate to the country.  A Reuters article speculates that TAP Air Portugal and Air France will also eventually be prohibited from operating to Angola.  Given Angola's increasingly important role as a global oil supplier, the parties will undoubtedly face pressure from impacted business interests to settle this bilateral dispute amicably.

Deutsche Post Investing In U.S. Air Cargo Industry Again

According to a recent Financial Times article, Deutsche Post acquired a 49% holding in Astar Air Cargo last month.  Under pressure from a U.S. DOT administrative law proceeding, Deutsche Post's DHL Worldwide Express unit agreed to sell a similar stake in Astar's predecessor company to a group of U.S. investors in 2003 (leading to the creation of Astar from the company previously known as DHL Airways).  It will be interesting to see if DHL's rivals UPS and FedEx petition the DOT for a review of the current investment.

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