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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blog Symposium on Patent Assertion Entities

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs) are a very hot topic for antitrust purposes. First, the FTC held a December 2012 workshop on PAEs in December. Then, the Department of Justice and the FTC opened a comments period on PAE activities in which they requested written submissions from the public until April 5, 2013. As a result, with the comment period now closed, it makes sense to take stock regarding PAEs. Providing commentary on PAE issues are:

David Balto (Law Office of David Balto)
Jim Bessen and Mike Meuer (Boston University Law)
Mike Carrier (Rutgers University - Camden Law)
Colleen Chien (University of Santa Clara Law)
Robin Cooper Feldman (University of California Hastings Law)
Thomas Ewing (Avancept LLC)
Bert Foer (American Antitrust Institute)
Mark Lemley (Stanford) and Carl Shapiro (Berkeley)



This symposium was sponsored by Google. When initially posted, the symposium inadvertently did not include sponsorship information.

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