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Monday, February 18, 2013

Mapping the (New) Limits of Antitrust

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Marek Martyniszyn (Chicago Loyola Law) has written a book review Mapping the (New) Limits of Antitrust of my book The Global Limits of Antitrust.

BOOK REVIEW ABSTRACT: The Global Limits of Competition Law is the first book in the new series Global Competition Law and Economics, edited by Ioannis Lianos and D. Daniel Sokol, and published by Stanford University Press. The aim of this new series is to analyse “how law, economics, and institutions respond to an increasingly global and interconnected antitrust community.” While acknowledging that economic concepts are used as a common vocabulary in the ongoing international discourse on competition law, the series editors recognize that there are also other important features calling for analysis and understanding. For example, institutional framework and culture play an important role in competition law and policy. In their words, “Too often policy makers merely reference the ready-made solutions adopted by more established competition law systems . . . without due regard to local factors.” Hence, this series carries a promise of being a valuable outlet for rigorous thinking about competition law from a broader perspective, both geographically and more importantly conceptually.

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