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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Concurrences Antitrust Writing Awards and Ranking 2013 - Vote Now!

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Concurrences will give out antitrust writing awards for the academic and business categories for specific works and a ranking of the best professional publications. See here for details.

From the site: 

The Antitrust Writing Awards’ goal is to promote antitrust scholarship and competition advocacy by recognizing and awarding the best articles published in the antitrust law and law & economics fields in the last 12 months. The Awards feature two different categories of articles: Academic and Business. The Academic Articles category comprises articles published in academic journals, whereas the Business Articles category features articles published in professional magazines or newsletters. The articles are selected by a jury and by readers.  The jury consists of a Board, an Academic and a Business Steering Committees composed of the leading academics and counsels. Readers contribute to the selection process by voting for articles. Click here to see the Jury.

To ensure transparency, but also impartiality and expertise in the processing of the Awards, publications are assessed following an international peer-reviewed evaluation process.  Members of the Board and of the Steering Committees are chosen from world-renowned antitrust enforcers, counsels and academics who are committed to judging the Awards fairly.  Click here to see the Rules.

The Institute of Competition Law - the publisher of the Journal Concurrences and the e-Competitions Bulletin - and George Washington University Law School Competition Law Center, are organizing these first of their kind Antitrust Writing Awards with the support of partners.

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