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Friday, December 21, 2012

100 Years of Standard Oil Antitrust Symposium

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

The Southern California Law review has put up on its website the great symposium 100 Years of Standard Oil Antitrust Symposium.

Volume 85 March 2012 Number 3


100 Years of Standard Oil Antitrust Symposium



Antitrust Energy

Barak Orbach & D. Daniel Sokol



Antitrust and Business History

Margaret C. Levenstein



The "Hub-and-Spoke" Conspiracy that Created the Standard Oil Monopoly

Benjamin Klein



Rethinking the Economic Basis of the Standard Oil Refining Monopoly: Dominance Against Competing Cartels

George L. Priest



Were Standard Oil's Rebates and Drawbacks Cost Justified?

Daniel A. Crane



Revisiting the Revisionist History of Standard Oil

Christopher R. Leslie



The Antitrust Curse of Bigness

Barak Orbach & Grace Campbell Rebling



Standard Oil and U.S. Steel: Predation and Collusion in the Law of Monopolization and Mergers

William H. Page



The Strategic Use of Public and Private Litigation in Antitrust as Business Strategy

D. Daniel Sokol



Moving Beyond Caricature and Characterization: The Modern Rule of Reason in Practice

Andrew I. Gavil



Standard Oil as Lochner's Trojan Horse

Alan J. Meese



Remedies for Monopolization from Standard Oil to Microsoft and Intel: The Changing Nature of Monopoly Law from Elimination of Market Power to Regulation of Its Use

Peter C. Carstensen



The Long Shadow of Standard Oil: Policy, Petroleum, and Politics at the Federal Trade Commission

Timothy J. Muris & Bilal K. Sayyed



Michael Reksulak & William F. Shughart II, Tarring the Trust: The Political Economy of Standard Oil, 85 S. Cal. L. Rev. Postscript 23 (2012).

Maurice E. Stucke, Occupy Wall Street and Antitrust, 85 S. Cal. L. Rev. Postscript 33 (2012).

Abraham L. Wickelgren, Determining the Optimal Antitrust Standard: How to Think About Per Se Versus Rule of Reason, 85 S. Cal. L. Rev. Postscript 52 (2012).

Joshua D. Wright, What Would Predatory Pricing Be Without John McGee? A Reply to Professor Leslie, 85 S. Cal. L. Rev. Postscript 60 (2012).

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