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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Must Read Non-Antitrust Book (with a little Antitrust Lineage)

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

A Chanukah present for the entire family - Jewish Jocks: An Unorthodox Hall of Fame, edited by Franklin Foer and Marc Tracy. There is a really great interview with Franklin Foer (son of AAI's Bert Foer) in Slate that you can read here. I could not help to note a realy interesting competition theme regarding innovation that also plays to an antitrust crowd. In the interview, we get the following:

Is there any reason to believe that Jews are better or worse athletes than non-Jews?

My father has called this book the most triumphalist document to emerge from the Jewish community since the '67 war. Many of the essays hit the same theme: Jews compensate for their lack of physical acumen with their heads. They are innovators, who must devise new strategies and new techniques to win. Jewish boxers were invariably described as "scientific." That is, they used precision and creativity in order to foil their foes. Henry Ford, for one, hated the scientific fighters. He considered the use of feints and trickery to be less than manly. Yet, the slips and punches that Jewish boxers invented ultimately found their way into every gym in America.

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Is this light reading?

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