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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Polish Centre for Antitrust and Regulatory Studies

Posted by Tadeusz Skoczny

Polish Centre for Antitrust and Regulatory Studies

We would like to present you the activities of the Centre for Antitrust and Regulatory Studies, CARS, which is part of the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw (

CARS conducts cross- and inter-disciplinary academic R&D and law implementation projects concerning competition protection and sector-specific regulation in the market economy. It published a range of one-off books and periodicals, organizes or joins in the organization of conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses. CARS acts also as a patron of post-graduate studies.

CARS’s research activities cover two key areas: competition and sector-specific regulation. Within the first area the research focuses on economic and legal aspects of cartels, monopolies, market dominance, mergers and acquisitions and state aid. To illustrate, one of CARS’s recent research projects was commissioned by Polish Competition Authority and dealt with block exemptions from the prohibition of competition-restrictive agreements in the EU and Poland. The activities of CARS centre around the various practical problems associated with the enforcement of competition law in Poland and the EU. CARS’s research in the area of sector-specific regulation focuses on the market behavior of large Polish enterprises that are subject to regulatory supervision as well as on the respective activities of public regulators in: telecoms, postal services, energy, transport (mainly railway and air transport) and audiovisual media. A good example of CARS sector-specific research can be found in the 2009 and 2011 project commissioned by the Polish Airports State Enterprise concerning antitrust and regulatory conditions for the provision of airport services in the EU and Poland.

In its publishing capacity, CARS has recently presented a book by Ewelina D. Sage entitled European Audiovisual Sector: Where business meets society’s needs (in English) and a book by Maciej Bernatt entitled Procedural fairness in the proceedings before the competition authority (in Polish). Additionally, CARS started in April 2012 to publish a new Polish-language periodical – the ‘internet Quarterly on Antitrust and Regulation’, iKAR, (, a legal and economic, open-source journal dedicated to competition protection and sector-specific regulation.

Without a doubt among CARS’s most influential ventures, especially from the point of view of foreign scholars, lay its English-language journal the ‘Yearbook of Antitrust and Regulatory Studies’, YARS (see Published since 2008, YARS is a double peer-reviewed scientific periodical, focusing on legal and economic issues of antitrust and regulation. It is intended to:

• present the most important and current issues surrounding competition protection, primarily restrictive practices and mergers but also state aid, and as well as pro-competitive sector-specific regulation, mainly in the telecommunications, postal services, energy and transport sectors;

• focus on the underlying assumptions, experiences and achievements of competition protection and sector-specific regulation in Poland as well as in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), taking into consideration the consequences of CEE's membership in the European Union, OECD and WTO;

• contain papers written primarily by CEE authors: academics, legal practitioners and consultants, judges and civil servants (including staff of EU institutions), mostly lawyers and economists;

• introduce Central and Eastern Europe's antitrust and regulation field to foreign readers: academics, legal practitioners, consultants as well as the staff of public authorities and courts dealing with antitrust and regulatory cases in other countries.

YARS is primarily published in a printed form. It is, however, also available at as well as on open-source data basis such as SSRN which greatly increases its reach. The most recent volume of YARS (Vol. 2012, 5(6)) is dedicated to the protection of entrepreneurs’ rights in antitrust proceedings. YARS was originally intended to focus on Polish experiences in antitrust and sector–specific regulation only. Its perspective has been broadened since 2012 to include Central and Eastern Europe’s legislation and jurisprudence in these fields. Experiences of the so-called ‘emerging markets’ in introducing and protecting competition, as well as their efforts to meet competition-related standards upheld by international organizations such as the EU, are certainly worthy of being presented to foreign readers. As a result, YARS is now also open to authors wishing to present important antitrust and regulatory problems from the perspective of Central and Eastern European countries. The call for papers is open to both academics and practitioners.

Detailed information in English on the activities of CARS can be found on its website:

We would like to encourage foreign scholars specializing in the field of antitrust and sectorial regulation to contact us as we are always interested in cooperative initiatives both as far as publications in YARS are concerned as well as joint scientific projects.

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