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Friday, June 8, 2012

The Goals Of Competition Law

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Daniel Zimmer, Professor of Law, University of Bonn has edited The Goals Of Competition Law.

BOOK ABSTRACT: What are the normative foundations of competition law? That is the question at the heart of this book. Leading scholars consider whether this branch of law serves just one or more than one goal, and, if it serves to protect unfettered competition as such, how this goal relates to other objectives such as the promotion of economic welfare.

Table of Contents:


1. On the Choice of Welfare Standards in Competition Law Louis Kaplow

2. What is Competition? Maurice E. Stucke

3. Characteristic Aspects of Competition and their Consequences for the Objectives of Competition Law – Comment on Stucke Andreas Fuchs

4. The Multiple Personalities of EU Competition Law: Time for a Comprehensive Debate on its Objectives Laura Parret

5. The Goals of European Competition Law: Some Distortions in the Literature – Comment on Parret David J. Gerber

6. Thinking Inside the Box: Why Competition as a Process is a Sui Generis Right – a Methodological Observation Oles Andriychuk

7. Legal Interpretation and Practice versus Legal Theory: A Reconciliation of Competition Goals – Comment on Andriychuk Anca Daniela Chirita

8. On the Normative Foundations of Competition Law – Efficiency, Political Freedom and the Freedom to Compete Frank Maier-Rigaud

9. Efficiency, Political Freedom and the Freedom to Compete – Comment on Maier-Rigaud Heike Schweitzer

10. Economic Content of Competition Law: The Point of Regulating Preferences Adrian Kunzler

11. On the Difference of Methodology in Jurisprudence and Economics – Comment on Künzler Iwakazu Takahashi

12. Do Words Matter? A Discussion on Words used to Designate Values Associated with Competition Law Paul Nihoul

13. On Words and on Shifting their Meaning – Comment on Nihoul Josef Bejcek

14. Antitrust Pluralism and Justice Abayomi Al-Ameen

15. Antitrust Pluralism and Justice – Comment on Al-Ameen Michal S. Gal and Eran Fish


16. The Single Market Imperative and Consumer Welfare: Irreconcilable Goals? Exploring the Tensions Amongst the Objectives of European Competition Law through the Lens of Parallel Trade in Pharmaceuticals Matteo Negrinotti

17. Goals of Union Competition Law on Regulated Markets: Pharmaceutical Industry and Parallel Trade – Comment on Negrinotti Lubos Tichy

18. Excessive Pricing and the Goals of Competition Law Thomas Ackermann

19. Excessive Pricing and the Goals of Competition Law: An Enforcement Perspective – Comment on Ackermann Jorg Philipp Terhechte

20. China’s Anti-Monopoly Law: Agent of Competition Enhancement or Engine of Industrial Policy? Xiaoye Wang and Jessica Su

21. China’s Anti-Monopoly Law: Agent of Competition Enhancement or Engine of Industrial Policy? – Comment on Wang and Su Deborah Healey

22. Reflections on the Concepts of ‘Economic Freedom’, ‘Free Competition’ and ‘Efficiency’ from the Perspective of Developing Countries Mor Bakhoum

23. A Social Approach to the Goals of Competition Law in Developing Countries – Comment on Bakhoum Karounga Diawara

24. Competition Law Goals in Agricultural Markets: A Latin American Perspective Juan David Gutiérrez Rodríguez

25. Agricultural Markets and Competition Policy in Latin America: Conflicts of Goals, Rules and Enforcement Policies – Comment on Gutiérrez Rodríguez Carlos Pablo Márquez

26. The Basic Goal of Competition Law: To Protect the Opposite Side of the Market Daniel Zimmer

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