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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Papers for the June 2012 OECD Competition Meetings now available

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Papers for the June 2012 OECD Competition Meetings now available 5th June 2012

The OECD today put up a series of papers by its own staff and external experts featuring the main topics of its forthcoming Competition Committee meetings being held in June at the OECD’s headquarters in Paris.

The papers relate to discussions to be held by the Committee over its four days of meetings in Paris between June 11th and 14th. Papers can be accessed at,3746,en_2649_37463_48742443_1_1_1_37463,00.html

Evaluating the Impact of Competition Interventions (Monday June 11th) In February 2012, it was decided that the OECD would work intensively on this topic over the next three years. This first discussion will be a stocktaking exercise on what competition authorities currently do, or have done, in evaluating the impact of their competition enforcement and advocacy activities.

The paper on the website, by Dr Peter Ormosi, sets out some of the main areas that he has identified as being of interest.

International co-operation in competition enforcement (Tuesday June 12th) The OECD has selected this topic as its other main area of work on competition over the next few years, looking at how competition agencies can work across borders more effectively to enforce competition law. The initial discussion will consider the OECD and other international organisations’ previous work in this area. No papers are publicly available for this topic at present.

Hearing on Behavioural Economics (Wednesday June 13th)

Behavioural economics uses approaches from psychology and sociology to probe the limitations of neoclassical economics’ rationality assumptions. A panel of experts, including Professors Xavier Gabaix (New York University), Steffen Huck (University College London) and Maurice Stucke (University of Tennessee), will discuss this issue and answer questions from delegates. Papers by these three participants (some of them previously published) are available on the website.

Roundtable on Market Definition (Thursday June 14th)

Prof. Ulrich Schwalbe (University of Hohenheim, Germany), Mr. Jorge Padilla (Compass Lexecon) and Judge Niels Wahl from the EU General Court will debate this fundamental concept of competition policy with participants from competition agencies. Alternative economic approaches that measure unilateral effects of economic behaviour directly without the need to first define the relevant market will be discussed, among other recent developments in market definition.

A paper by Prof. Schwalbe and the OECD Secretariat is available on the website.

Compilations of papers, with expert and country contributions and summaries of discussion, will be published for some of these sessions later in the year.

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