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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New CPI Webinar - Antitrust and Regulation: Credit Rating Agencies

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol


CPI would like to extend an invitation to a live webinar, "Antitrust
and Regulation: Credit Rating Agencies," taking place on Thursday, June
21, at 11:30 AM EST. CPI President Elisa Mariscal will moderate the
presentation by Professor Lawrence White
(NYU Stern School of Business) and Dr. Rosa
(Global Economics Group, NYU Stern School of

The panel will review the role of credit rating agencies (CRAs) in the
financial crisis and their performance in structured finance, discuss the
problems with this market, and propose some solutions. In particular, our
expert panelists will ask whether CRAs have become “too important” to the
financial markets and regulatory systems, and how policy should address this
concern. The presentations will include a discussion of the “issuer pays” model
and its possible alternatives, and focus on whether policy should encourage
more competition in this market.

This series will be presented over CPI’s Global Learning Platform which
delivers lectures globally in real time. The only technology required is a
computer with a flash player and a telephone. Registration is free. Email
by Tuesday, June 19 to reserve your seat.

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