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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Antitrust Law Journal - Issue on Neo-Chicago is now out

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

The current issue of the Antitrust Law Journal is out. In it is a symposium on Neo Chicago antitrust. Symposium: Neo-Chicago Antitrust

Editor's Note: Schools of Antitrust--A Parallelogram of Forces
Su Sun

A Neo-Chicago Perspective on Antitrust Institutions
Daniel A. Crane

Antitrust and the Costs of Movement
Herbert Hovenkamp

Marrying Neo-Chicago With Behavioral Antitrust
Max Huffman

Chicago, Post-Chicago, and Beyond: Time to Let Go Of The 20th Century
Bruce H. Kobayashi and Timothy J. Muris

A Neo-Chicago Approach to Concerted Action
William H. Page

Cartels, Corporate Compliance, and What Practitioners Really Think About Enforcement
D. Daniel Sokol

Abandoning Antitrust's Chicago Obsession: The Case For Evidence-Based Antitrust
Joshua D. Wright

Afterword: Does Antitrust Need More Schools?
Joshua H. Soven

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