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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DOJ Antitrust - Economics Analysis Gorup Spring 2012 Seminar Series Schedule

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

March 7

Wed 2-3:30

Alan Sorensen


“Market Thickness and Market Efficiency in Dynamic Auctions”

March 13

Tue 2-3:30

Chuck Romeo


“Incorporating Prior Information into a GMM Objective for Mixed Logit Demand Systems”

March 19

Mon 2-3:30

Bruce Lyons

U. East Anglia, Econ

“Concentration and Competition in European Retail Banking,” w. M. Zhu

March 27

Tues 2-3:30

Tim Brennan


“Behavioral vs. standard economics: Observations against, for & tied”

April 3

Tues 2:30-4

Eugenio Miravete

UT Austin

“Welfare and Redistribution Effects of Benevolent Multiproduct Pricing: The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board,” w. J. Thurk, K. Seim, and J. Waldfogel

April 10

Tue 2-3:30

Glen Weyl


“Insulated Platform Competition,” w. A. White

April 17

Tues 2-3:30

Estelle Cantillion

U. Libre, Brussels

“Competition between Exchanges : Lessons from the Battle of the Bund,” w. PL Yin

April 24

Tues 2-3:30

Yan Lin

U. East Anglia, Bus

“Market Structure, Regulation and Mobile Network Penetration,” w. B. Lyons

May 2

Wed 1:45-3:15

Kosali Simon

Indiana Univ.

“How Effective Was the Dependent Coverage Mandate of the Affordable Care Act?” w. Y Antwi and A. Moriya

May 8

Tues 2-3:30

Bob Adams / Mark Manuszak; FRB

“Commuting Ties and Geographic Market Definition”

May 15

Tues 2-3:30

Miller, et al.


“Assessing the Accuracy of Merger Approximation,” w. M. Remer, C. Ryan and G. Sheu

May 22

Tues 2-3:30

Chad Brown

World Bank

“Export Preferences, Export Surges and Hysteresis: Indian Steel Firms and Import Safeguards,” w. G. Porto

May 29

Tues 2-3:30

John Asker


“Exclusionary Minimum Resale Price Maintenance,” w. H. Bar-Isaac

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