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Monday, July 25, 2011


Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Wan Liza (University of Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin, USA and Private Law Department, IIUM) asks COMPETITION POLICY: IS IT BAD FOR BUSINESS?

ABSTRACT: Of late, the element of competition has posed to be a conundrum to the emerging economies; Malaysia is no exception. Selection of economies theories indicated; competition has been used in innumerable sense. Entrepreneurial competition among producers defines competition as an attempt to offer product at lower prices, in contrast to the adjective; competition policy denotes deregulation of markets with a framework that elevates market disciplines, eliminates distortion and promotes economic efficiency. In developing a competitive framework: a significant question arose; does competition policy merely generates economic efficiency? Empirical analysis on trade and communication has indicated positive impacts. However, competition in Malaysia i.e. implemented through sector regulation; for example in electricity generation has shown little changes on economic efficiency and other benefits. This paper suggests competition po! licy advocates economic advantages and maximization of other benefits i.e. customer welfare. Simultaneously effects business dynamics. The key to workable ‘model’ originates from strong and independent structural and administrative implementation of the policy. This research reiterates plausible arguments of the benefits i.e. competitive markets generate efficiency and allow for the reflection of true prices in the markets. Alternatively, it also highlights competition impacts on business dynamics and cognizance of Malaysian Competition Act 2010.

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