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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Intellectual Property And Competition

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Michael Carrier (Rutgers Camden Law) has a new edited book on Intellectual Property And Competition.

BOOK ABSTRACT: The intersection of the intellectual property and competition laws presents uniquely complicated legal issues. In this essential volume Professor Carrier brings together 14 of the most important works written about the intersection. The entries, from leading judges, government officials, academics, and economists, explore history, the ‘new economy’, and frameworks to resolve the tension between the laws. They also address refusals to license, patent pools, innovation markets, standard setting organizations, and pharmaceutical patent settlements. Alongside an original introduction, this book is an authoritative reference tool for attorneys, academics, and others interested in intellectual property and competition issues.

Full table of contents


Introduction Michael A. Carrier

1. Herbert Hovenkamp (2005), ‘The Conflict Between Antitrust and Intellectual Property Rights’

2. Richard A. Posner (2001), ‘Exclusionary Practices (II): The New Economy’
3. Robert Pitofsky (2001), ‘Antitrust and Intellectual Property: Unresolved Issues at the Heart of the New Economy’

4. William F. Baxter (1966), ‘Legal Restrictions on Exploitation of the Patent Monopoly: An Economic Analysis’
5. Ward S. Bowman, Jr. (1973), ‘The Compatibility of Antitrust and Patent Law Goals’
6. Louis Kaplow (1984), ‘The Patent-Antitrust Intersection: A Reappraisal’
7. Michael A. Carrier (2002), ‘Unraveling the Patent-Antitrust Paradox’

8. Herbert Hovenkamp, Mark D. Janis and Mark A. Lemley (2006), ‘Unilateral Refusals to License’
9. Carl Shapiro (2000), ‘Navigating the Patent Thicket: Cross Licenses, Patent Pools, and Standard Setting’
10. Robert P. Merges (2001), ‘Institutions for Intellectual Property Transactions: The Case of Patent Pools’
11. Michael A. Carrier (2008), ‘Two Puzzles Resolved: Of The Schumpeter – Arrow Stalemate and Pharmaceutical Innovation Markets’
12. Arti K. Rai (2001), ‘Fostering Cumulative Innovation in the Biopharmaceutical Industry: The Role of Patents and Antitrust’
13. Mark A. Lemley (2002), ‘Intellectual Property Rights and Standard-Setting Organizations’
14. C. Scott Hemphill (2006), ‘Paying for Delay: Pharmaceutical Patent Settlement as a Regulatory Design Problem’

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