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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thoughts on the 2011 ABA Antitrust Spring Meeting: My "best of" list

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Yesterday concluded the 59th ABA Antitrust Spring Meeting.  Overall, I was very impressed by the content and the smooth planning that went into the programs.  I have some observations:

1. Best communicator on a panel (can make the complex easy to understand): Howard Shelanski (FTC)
2. Best use of audio-vidual materials: Ted Banks (Shoeman Updike)
3. Best panel: Innovation and Mergers: Evaluating the Potential Benefits, Harms, & Remedies
4. Best panel format (where the panelists were merely introduced and the entire session was Q&A with the audience): The New Horizontal Merger Guidelines: Ripples Across the Pond or Tsunami?
5. Most inappropriately named panel in light of recent events: The New Horizontal Merger Guidelines: Ripples Across the Pond or Tsunami?
6. Best dressed male: Dick Steuer (Mayer Brown)
7. Best dressed female: Christine Wilson (Kirkland & Ellis)
8. Most interesting program that a law firm put on privately: Wilmer's antitrust lunch on Friday with guest speaker Doug Melamed of Intel.  Runner Up: Clifford Chance's India program on Tuesday.
9. Worst space to have a drink reception: W Hotel. Just because you buy the Hotel Washington and add some lights and ambient music does not mean that the location is "hip". It just means that you need to spend money to give the hotel a more modern feel to it or more effectively make use of the existing structure.
10. Funniest person to spend time with who I already knew: Harry First (NYU)
11. Funniest person I met at a cocktail reception: Richard Taffet (Bingham McCutchen)
12. Best cocktail reception I attended in terms of the quality of the food: Kirkland & Ellis
13. Most interesting cocktail discussion not antitrust related: Tad Lipsky (Latham) discussing how he once played onstage with B.B. King
14. Most impressive coffee time discussion that was antitrust related: Bill Blumenthal (Clifford Chance)
15. Most impressive speaker on an 8:00am panel: Ilene Gotts (Wachtel) 
16. Best Section Dinner table discussion on Thursday night: the Dechert table. Mike Weiner, Paul Denis and Jim Fishkin are some very smart guys.
17. Best looking baby: Adam Biegel (Alston & Bird) brought his baby son on Wednesday afternoon
18. Most interesting baby related fact I learned from Adam: Apparently there are three evite templates for sending out an invitation for a bris.  Who knew? With two daughters, I certainly didn't.
19. A person who should be teaching full time: Mark Popofsky (Ropes and Gray)

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That Ted Banks award really needs to be a lifetime achievement award -- his great presentations go back to the Shoreham days...

Posted by: Steve Cernak | Apr 4, 2011 4:49:51 AM

I would add "Best 5 attractcions in DC for visitors", besides, of course, attending to the Spring meeting: (i) Cherry blosson at the Tidal Basin (perfect timing this year, (ii) the Holocaust museum (a punch in the face), (iii) the Newseum (touching), (iv) the Roosevelt memorial, and (v) Friday night at the Madams' Organ.

Posted by: Priscila Brolio Gonçalves | Apr 4, 2011 8:49:46 AM

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