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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On the Move: Sean Ennis from OECD to head the Competition Commission of Mauritius

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Sean Ennis has finally figured out the secret to good life - interesting work, good staff and a great location.  He has just been appointed the the new Executive Director of the Competition Commission of Mauritius.  John Davies (the first Executive Director of the Competition Commission of Mauritius) has done an excellent job in creating an agency that in many ways is a model to other young agencies around the world.  I am sure Sean will do an great job in building off of John's work.

From the press release:

The Office of the Prime Minister today announced the identity of the new Executive Director of the Competition Commission of Mauritius: Dr Sean Ennis, presently a senior economist at the OECD in Paris.  He will take up his post towards the end of March 2011.

Dr. Ennis earned a BA Hons in economics from King’s College, Cambridge in 1990 and a Ph.D. in economics from the University of California at Berkeley in 1996. He is coming to the CCM from the OECD, where he has been a Senior Economist in the Competition Division of the OECD since 2003. Through this work, he has gained extensive exposure to international best practice in competition law and policy in many sectors. He leads the OECD’s competition assessment project, developing and fostering best practice for identifying and removing anti-competitive effects of regulations. He previously worked at the U.S. Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division in Washington, DC and at the European Commission’s DG Competition in Brussels, providing him with a wide international experience with competition law enforcement.

Dr Ennis said:

“It is an honour to be offered the position of Executive Director and a pleasure to accept it. The coming years will be an exciting time for the CCM, as it consolidates its impressive initial achievements and continues its mission to stop anti-competitive conduct in Mauritius. I look forward to joining the CCM and working with the Commissioners, the staff, other parts of government, the private sector and others. I will aim to ensure the Commission’s work is of high technical quality, consistent with the best international practices and both legally and economically sound. I place high value on maintaining the CCM’s reputation for being fair, unbiased and of the highest integrity.”

Dr. Ennis was appointed by the President of the Republic, on the advice of the Prime Minister, after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition, in accordance with the procedures of the Competition Act 2007.  This appointment followed an international competition.

Welcoming the announcement of Dr Ennis’s appointment, Mr Rajiv Servansingh, Acting Chairman of the Commission, said:

"Dr Ennis was selected from a very strong international field of candidates, following a thorough process of assessment and interviews.  The Commission feels confident that the right man has been found for the job of Chief Executive. It is no secret that the replacement of our CE in the present circumstances of the Commission's working was always going to be a delicate matter. We are relieved and pleased that we have found the rare bird."

Dr Ennis will replace John Davies, the founder Executive Director of the CCM.  Mr Davies said:

“I am delighted with the progress that this new institution has made, and I am very pleased to be able to leave it in Sean’s capable hands.  We have made a good start, but the task over the next few years is to establish solid credibility for this institution, and demonstrate that it makes a real difference to the lives of Mauritians as consumers and business people.  I think that the Commissioners and the staff of the Commission can certainly meet this goal, and Sean’s wide-ranging experience of competition regimes the world over will be a huge help in that.”

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