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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Israeli Antitrust Authority Looking for a New Head -- Why Not Look Abroad?

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Ha'aretz reports on some interesting developments in the search for a new head of the Israeli Antitrust Authority.  I have a basic point for our Israeli readership -- do you remember Jacob Frankel and Stanley Fischer?  Both were former US profs (Chicago and MIT respectively) who did stints at the IMF as chief economist before heading the Israel Central Bank and both performed well in their Central Bank posts.  There are lots of American (and European and Canadian -- even South American and South African) law and econ academics and practitioners with lots of experience in this area who would make a great agency head.  A number of them speak and write Hebrew well too. Moreover, there are a number of Israeli IO econ profs and law professors in Europe, Canada and the US in case the Israelis prefer to choose an "internal" candidate.  If I were the Israeli government, I might give someone like Dan Rubinfeld, Dennis Carlton, Steve Salop, Eleanor Fox, Harry First, Ilene Gotts, Barbara Rosenberg, Dave Lewis, Alberto Heimler, Ariel Ezrachi or Bill Blumenthal a call asap.

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Good thought and great list, Danny. I would add Dina Kallay, S.J.D., an Israeli lawyer who had worked in DG-COMP and Howrey and is now at the FTC, and is already a candidate for the position.

Posted by: Randy Tritell | Jan 24, 2011 1:44:26 PM

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