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Monday, December 13, 2010

University of Melbourne Cartel Project Initial Report

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

The Cartel Project team from the University of Melbourne has produced its initial report on a major survey of the Australian public completed in July this year relating to the government’s recent decision to criminalise cartel conduct. 

The report is published on here.

The survey provides the first robust empirical evidence of the views of the Australian public on issues such as whether cartel behaviour should be a criminal offence, whether individuals should be jailed for it and how it should be viewed in terms of its seriousness.   It also provides valuable insights into the extent to which business people know about the law governing cartel conduct and how business people are likely to respond to the prospect of criminal sanctions.

The survey is one of three empirical components of the Cartel Project, the other two components comprising interviews with stakeholders to investigate and document how and why cartel criminalisation has become bipartisan policy in Australia, and interviews with prior offenders under the previous civil regime to investigate issues surrounding compliance with and the deterrent effect of enforcement action.    For more information about the Project, you can view its website at

The results of this survey are essential reading for anyone involved or interested in competition law enforcement.

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