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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lost in Translation - Antitrust Edition

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

I am in New Delhi for the excellent conference that Ioannis Lianos and I have organized (see here).  Unfortunately, with New Delhi ten and a half hours ahead, I cannot seem to fall asleep on day two of my trip (I was in London Sun-Mon so I thought it would help the time zone transition-- apparently not).  I feel like Bill Murray in Lost in Translation.  I half expect Bill Kovacic or John Fingleton to yell "More Intense!" in Japanese to me tomorrow when I present my paper on cartels in a development context.

I went to bed and got up an hour and a half later - apparently my body thinks that yesterday's good night sleep was an aberration.  Thus far, I have been amazed with what I have seen of India.  It is an amazing and dynamic country.  I recommend that everyone spend time here. 

The upside of not being able to sleep is that I had a skype video call with my wife and kids just now. Let me plug my parents as amazing people.  They flew down to help out my wife the entire time I am away.

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