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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Antitrust Law And Economics

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Keith Hylton has edited the interesting Antitrust Law And Economics.

BOOK ABSTRACT: This comprehensive book provides an extensive overview of the major topics of antitrust law from an economic perspective. Its in-depth treatment and analysis of both the law and economics of antitrust is presented via a collection of interconnected original essays. The contributing authors are among the most influential scholars in antitrust, with a rich diversity of backgrounds. Their entries cover, amongst other issues, predatory pricing, essential facilities, tying, vertical restraints, enforcement, mergers, market power, monopolization standards, and facilitating practices.

This well-organized and substantial work will be invaluable to professors of American antitrust law and European competition law, as well as students specializing in competition law. It will also be an important reference for professors and graduate students of economics and business.



1. The Economics of Antitrust Enforcement
Daniel A. Crane

2. Facilitating Practices and Concerted Action Under Section 1 of the Sherman Act
William H. Page

3. The Law of Group Boycotts and Related Economic Considerations
Jeffrey L. Harrison

4. The Economics of Monopoly Power in Antitrust
Roger D. Blair and Celeste K. Carruthers

5. The Law and Economics of Monopolization Standards
Keith N. Hylton

6. The Law and Economics of Predatory Pricing
Bruce H. Kobayashi

7. The Essential Facilities Doctrine
Thomas F. Cotter

8. Antitrust Analysis of Tying Arrangements and Exclusive Dealing
Alden F. Abbott and Joshua D. Wright

9. Vertical Restraints, Competition and the Rule of Reason
Shubha Ghosh

10. Market Concentration in the Antitrust Analysis of Horizontal Mergers
Jonathan B. Baker

11. Patent Litigation, Licensing, Nonobviousness, and Antitrust
Michael J. Meurer

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