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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Antitrust Marathon IV: With Authority

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Philip Marsden, The British Institute of International and Comparative Law and Spencer Weber Waller, Loyola University Chicago School of Law give us Antitrust Marathon IV: With Authority.  It is better than Police Academy IV, although perhaps not to the level of Star Wars Episode IV.  The topics the Marathon covered are great ones, so please download the paper.

ABSTRACT: The Antitrust Marathons explore enduring issues of competition and consumer policy on a comparative basis through roundtable discussions of senior officials, practitioners, and academics in more depth than is possible in traditional conference format. Each Antitrust Marathon includes special issue papers and the edited transcript of the roundtable discussion. Antitrust Marathon IV held in Dublin, Ireland in October 2009 focused on how to integrate competition and consumer regulation and enforcement; concurrent regulation between competition authorities and sectoral regulations; competition policy and financial regulation in light of the global financial crisis; and institutional design questions of judicial, administrative, and mixed model for competition policy.

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