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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Second Annual Conference on Competition Enforcement in the Recently Acceded Member States

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol


Countries that recently acceded to the European Union have long history with competition law. Most of these countries also represent smaller, open market economies, which have faced a rapid privatisation process. Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary have also endured several common historical events that make them face similar market situations and problems including inter alia excessive pricing, bid rigging, refusal to access as well as issues related to the current financial crisis.

Topics include...

The aim of this conference is to address issues that arise in competition enforcement in these rapidly developing economies with ever increasing competition expertise. The conference will address topics on the recent development of competition enforcement, merger control, economic expertise and vertical agreements.


Our speakers include Rafaj, Petr (Chairman of the Office for the Protection of Competition); Padilla, Jorge (LECG); Schweitzer, Heike (European University Institute); Marsden, Philip (Office of Fair Trading, BIICL); Bányaiová, Lucie (Senior Associate, Salans); Bednářová, Barbora (Office for the Protection of Competition); Neruda, Robert (Office for the Protection of Competition); Brouček, Milan (Director, Chief Economist Department, Office for the Protection of Competition); Bejcek, Josef (Masarykova univerzita); Csorba, Gergely (Chief economist, Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH)); Hansberry-Bieguńska, Dorothy (Wardyński i Wspólnicy sp.k.); Katsoulacos, Yannis (Athens University of Economics and Business); Kokkoris, Ioannis (Visiting Professor, Bocconi University, Office of Fair Trading); Petr, Michal (Head of the Legislative and International Section, Office of Competition and Consumer Protection); Szakadát, László (Competition Council, Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH)), Szilágyi, Pál (Competition Law Research Centre, Hungary); Tóth, Tihamér (Professor at Pazmany Peter Catholic University and White & Case; former Vice President of the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH))

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