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Friday, August 14, 2009

Linked-In: Antitrust and the Virtues of a Virtual Network

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Fox Eleanor Fox (NYU Law) describes Linked-In: Antitrust and the Virtues of a Virtual Network.

ABSTRACT: The International Competition Network is one of the several new transnational networks of specialized government officials. Unlike some others, this network is not intended to be a new form of governance. It has no secretariat, no land address, and notionally no power. It is intended to bring together antitrust authorities of the world to share ideas and knowhow, cross-fertilize, give support especially to younger agencies in developing countries, and work towards better, common antitrust process and principles. This article describes the creation and evolution of the International Competition Network. It describes its work and work product. It then assesses its effectiveness, legitimacy and sufficiency. It asks how the ICN can be effective if it has no power. Then it asks whether, in spite of its charter principle, the ICN has power or influence, and, to the extent it does, what are the implications for inclusiveness, transparency and governance within the ICN?

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