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Monday, June 1, 2009

Economic Theory And Competition Law

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Recently out is Economic Theory And Competition Law, edited by Josef Drexl (Max Planck Institute). 

BOOK ABSTRACT: It is a fact that economics matters when it comes to competition law. Yet, the context for this book is the increasingly complex relationship of economic theory and competition law which gives rise to lively political and academic debate about the direction competition law should take in a more global and innovation-oriented market place. Adopting a comparative background, taking into account different situations in the US, Europe, Japan, transition and developing countries, the contributors to the book investigate the impact of economics on the objectives of competition law both in various fields of competition law enforcement – restrictive agreements, unilateral restraints, merger control – and on the effectiveness of enforcement in a given legal and judicial system.

Contents: Preface Part I: The Goals of Competition Law – A Comparative Perspective Part II: The Status of Efficiency Analysis in Competition Law Part III: Economic Analysis and Competition Law in Practice Part IV: Guest Speech Index Contributors: M. Chagny, T. Eilmansberger, H.W. Friederiszick, M.-A. Frison-Roche, M.S. Gal, D.J. Gerber, T.L. Greaney, S. Hayashi, W. Kerber, B. Lasserre, A. Louvaris, G. Parr, A. Perrot, H. Schweitzer, L. Tichý, R. Zäch, D. Zimmer

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