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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Women in Antitrust

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

I have been thinking about gender in antitrust for an ongoing empirical project in which I am examining among other things why economic analysis of law has taken a monopoly position within the US legal academy but why we have not seen a similar transformation in IP or tax, two other areas of economic regulation.  I have discovered that the gender numbers for antitrust in the academy may be the worst for any substantive area of law.

Year Antitrust IP Tax
1957 157 16 87
1967 153 88 388
1977 295 195 726
1987 289 198 573
1997 297 314 567
2007 312 512 608

Year Antitrust IP Tax
1957 2 0 3
1967 2 2 5
1977 10 8 38
1987 17 26 83
1997 22 62 106
2007 36 134 137

In 1957, women professors in antitrust and trade regulation (there is no separate antitrust category so this number may include some consumer protection people) made up less than 2 percent of those teaching antitrust.  Fast forward to 2007 and women teaching antitrust (those writing in antitrust for a majority of their publications is even smaller - more on this in a later post) make up only 12 percent of the full time antitrust legal academy who have ever taught antitrust. 

It is therefore great to report that the Global Competition Review has released Women in Antitrust 2009 with profiles of the world's leading female antitrust practitioners.

The elite female practitioners include:

Astrid Ablasser-Neuhuber

Melanie Aitken

Silvia D' Alberti

Lynda Martin Alegi

Kelyn Bacon

Maleeha Mimi Bangash

Sarah Biontino

Margaret Bloom

Molly S Boast

Sonya Branch

Rachel Brandenburger

Ellen Braun

Susan Bright

Roxane C Busey

Nadia Calvino

Francesca Marchini Camia

Sorcha O ' Carroll

Gina Cass-Gottlieb

Vani Chetty

Susan Creighton

Tamar Dolev-Green

Karen Dyekjaer

Linda Evans

Lowri Evans

Tal Eyal-Boger

Deborah Feinstein

Amelia Fletcher

Katherine B Forrest

Eleanor Fox

Sue-Anne Fox

Michal Gal

Agnete Gersing

Ilene Knable Gotts

Margaret Guerin-Calvert

Diana Guy

Susan Hankey

Dorothy Hansberry-Biegunska

Catriona Hatton

Roxann E Henry

Doris Hildebrand

Sari Hiltunen

Majorie Holmes

Julia Holtz

Anneli Howard

Susan Hutton

Helene D Jaffe

Helen Jenkins

Warsha Kale

Katherine L Kay

Helen Kelly

Suyong Kim

Neelie Kroes

Shari Lahlou

Dorothy Livingston

Martina Maier

Ann Malester

Amy Manning

Ana Paula Martinez

Janet McDavid

Crystal McKellar

Elizabeth McKnight

Jean Meijer

Christine Meyer

MJ Moltenbrey

Elizabeth Morony

Lesley Morphet

Frances Murphy

Nicole Nehme

Kirstie Nicholson

Kristina Nordlander

Alison Oldale

Leslie Overton

Danica Paroulkova

Debra J Pearlstein

Alessandra Perrazzelli

Eliza Petritsi

Linda Plumpton

Romina Polley

Sharis Pozen

Yvonne S Quinn

Paula Render

Constance K Robinson

Barbara Rosenberg

Annette Luise Schild

Daniela Seeliger

Marta Sendrowicz

Agnieszka Stefanowicz-Baranska

Beret Sundet

Malgorzata Szwaj

Deirdre Trapp

Vanessa Turner

Christine Varney

Edurne Navarro Varona

Kerri Vermeylen

Anne Wachsmann

Christine White

Ute Zinsmeister

Susanne Zuehlke

Margaret Zwisler


My only quibble with the list is that it seems to omit top female economists and in-house people.  On the margins there are a few additional practitioners that have been particularly important in shaping global antitrust policy that I would have included.

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It's an interessant project!

I would like to know the date about this item, in Europe.

Posted by: Pedro Madeira Froufe | May 22, 2009 3:52:03 AM

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