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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Justice Department Requests Extension of Microsoft Final Judgment

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

DOJ has announced that it has extended the Microsoft Final Judgment by at least 18 months.

Update (April 17): As Jay Himes (Labaton Sucharow) reminds me:

Note as well that, in this landmark antitrust case, the DOJ's enforcement authority over all substantive parts of the Final Judgment other than the communications protocol provision (section III.E) in fact ended in November 2007.  The only enforcers with responsibility for the non-III.E sections are the States, and that condition will continue until May 2011.  This includes management of the Technical Committee so that, as to all non-III.E sections, the New York Group of States oversees the TC.  On section III.E, the New York Group, together with the DOJ, co-oversee the TC. 
That is the result of the Court's Jan. 2008 ruling extending the Final Judgments on behalf of the States over the opposition of both Microsoft and the DOJ as amicus.

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