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Monday, February 16, 2009

Competition Policy and Regulation in Media Markets

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

                     Tilburg University
                      (The Netherlands)
            Thursday 4 June and Friday 5 June 2009
     The Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC) will organise
     a workshop on Competition Policy and Regulation in Media
     Markets at Tilburg University (The Netherlands) on Thursday
     4 June and Friday 5 June 2009. The goal of the conference
     is to bring together academics working on media-related
     issues and to foster interdisciplinary interaction between
     economists and lawyers. The aim is to have economic and
     legal contributions of the highest quality, but effort in
     presenting it to a mixed audience is expected. Economists
     are expected to bring in reasons to regulate/not regulate/
     how to regulate according to economic theory, lawyers to
     bring in knowledge of the current regulation, of court
     decisions and of the legal feasibility of regulation
     proposals. Each presenter will be assigned a discussant.
     Theoretical, empirical and policy-oriented articles are
     A non-exclusive list of topics of interest is:
     The goal of public intervention: efficiency vs. pluralism;
     The impact of convergence and digitalization; Network
     neutrality; The New Audiovisual Media Services Directive in
     the EU; The EU Regulatory Framework for Electronic
     Communications; Market structure and political outcomes;
     Media mergers and pluralism; Media bias: measurement and
     determinants; Scope for public ownership and public
     intervention; Financing of public service broadcasting;
     Regulation of advertising and media content; Media as two-
     sided markets; Piracy, peer-to-peer, copyright; Exclusive
     contracts; Vertical integration between distribution and
     content provision; Price discrimination, dynamic pricing,
     versioning, and bundling; Privacy, anonymity, security,
     digital rights management, trust.
     Economics: Simon Anderson (University of Virginia), Joel
     Waldfogel (University of Pennsylvania)
     Law: Nico van Eijk (University of Amsterdam), Rachael
     Craufurd Smith (Edingburg Law School)
     Elena Argentesi (University of Bologna), Eric van Damme
     (Tilburg University), Nico van Eijk (University of
     Amsterdam), Lapo Filistrucchi (Tilburg University), Thomas
     Gibbons (University of Manchester), Ilse van der Haar
     (Tilburg University), Pierre Larouche (Tilburg University),
     Massimo Motta (University of Bologna)
     The deadline for submission is March 29, 2009. Articles
     should be submitted in PDF to:
     Long abstract are accepted but full papers are preferred.
     In case you have any question(s), please contact the local
     organisation committee (see below). Authors of selected
     papers will be notified by April 6, 2009. TILEC will cover
     the accommodation and travel expenses of conference
     participants who present or discuss an accepted paper.
     Presenters might be asked to discuss a paper. 
     CONTACT:       Lapo Filistrucchi
                    Tilburg University
     CONTACT:       Ilse van der Haar
                    Tilburg University

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