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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Most Downloaded Antitrust Law Professors in the Past Year

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

The Top 10 most downloaded US based antitrust law professors (based on at least two papers in the last year on antitrust topics):

Rank  Name  School  Downloads

  1. Spencer Waller – Chicago Loyola 2,307
  2. Keith Hylton – Boston University 1,851
  3. Richard Epstein – University of Chicago 1,730
  4. John Baker – American University 1,714
  5. Herb Hovenkamp – University of Iowa 1,707
  6. Josh Wright – George Mason 1,652
  7. Phil Weiser – University of Colorado 1,506
  8. Bruce Kobayashi – George Mason 1,472
  9. Randy Picker, University of Chicago 1,454
  10. Robert Lande – University of Baltimore 1,086

And the two profs who would top this list but are affiliated with European universities:

  1. Damien Geradin – Tilburg University 4,961
  2. David Evans – University College London 3,560

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