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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Competition Law and Policy in Ukraine

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

The OECD has released a Policy Brief on Competition Law and Policy in Ukraine.

ABSTRACT: In 2008, the OECD issued a peer review report assessing the development and application of competition law and policy in Ukraine, focusing on the previous five years (2003-07). The report concludes that Ukraine has a comprehensive and well-designed competition law and, in the AMC, an effectively managed and well-regarded agency to enforce it. The report also identifies problems confronting Ukraine and proposes remedies. Recommendations concerning the AMC cover its budget allocation, autonomy, investigative tools, transparency, enforcement priorities and relationships with other law enforcement agencies. Other recommendations focus on merger notification requirements and procedures, state aid legislation, penalties for unlawful conduct and penalty collection procedures, competition advocacy, harmonization with the European Union’s competition laws and the elimination of conflicting provisions in Ukraine’s Commercial Code.

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