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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rambus Overturned by DC Circuit

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

According to the NY Times, the DC Circuit has overturned Rambus.  I am surprised, as I thought that the FTC had a strong case.  The decision itself can be found here.

HT: Paul Jones

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So strong that the following have come to the exact opposite conclusion (ie Rmabus is innocent) after hearing all the evidence:
1) CAFC in Infineon trial
2) ALJ in FTC trial
3) Jury in Hynix/Micron/Nanya trial

But who would expect anything different with the FTC, who brings, prosecutes and decides the complaint, to come to any other conclusion. The FTC will continue to get over-turned on appeal as in Schering/Plough and Rambus if it continues to ignore the FTC ALJ decision and evidence to always decide "guilty as charged".

Posted by: ftc_watcher | Apr 23, 2008 1:53:23 AM

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